Full Data for the 2020 National Household Survey has been Released on OpenFEMA

In September 2021, FEMA released the full results and data for the 2020 National Household Survey (NHS) for public use on OpenFEMA, making this the fourth year of complete data available (2017-2020). To facilitate equitable community disaster preparedness for stakeholders, FEMA has published the survey instrument used to field the data in both English and Spanish alongside the full results.

The NHS tracks progress in personal disaster preparedness through investigations of the American public’s preparedness actions, attitudes, and motivations. FEMA has conducted the NHS annually since 2013 and has been publishing the full data since 2017. The 2021 survey was fielded in English and Spanish via landline and mobile telephone to a random sampling of approximately 5,000 adult respondents. The survey includes a national sample as well as hazard-specific questions asked to individuals who live in areas that are at risk for, or could be heavily impacted by, those hazards. These include earthquakes, extreme heat, floods, hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, winter storms, and urban events (such as a terrorist attack).

With multiple years of data available, researchers and stakeholders have the opportunity to analyze trends through time and patterns in preparedness. FEMA encourages the use of our data for improving the effectiveness of your preparedness messaging, campaigns, and research

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