FEMA releases revised Preliminary Damage Assessment Guide

Today, FEMA released the revised Preliminary Damage Assessment Guide (PDA Guide) and its accompanying Preliminary Damage Assessment Pocket Guide (PDA Pocket Guide). The updated PDA Guide adjudicated comments received from a one-year public comment period that closed on June 8, 2021. The revised guide is effective as of October 1, 2021. A Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) is the mechanism state, local, tribal, territorial, and federal governments use to determine the impact and magnitude of damage following a disaster and the resulting unmet needs to individuals, businesses, the public sector, and communities. The primary objective of the PDA is to collect information, conduct analysis, and provide situation awareness to state, territorial, or tribal government leaders to determine whether the impacts of a disaster warrant a disaster declaration request under the Stafford Act. The PDA guide establishes a framework for how emergency management officials, at every level of government, document and validate details of damage following a disaster. The guide includes a concept of operations, defined roles and responsibilities, recommended methodologies, and the documentation and data required to validate damage.

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