Dedication to Ms. Adelina Kamal

August 27th marked the end of the tenure of Ms. Adelina Kamal as the Executive Director of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) AHA Centre.

Under the leadership of Ms. Adelina since 2017, the Centre has grown from strength to strength and come into the expansion stage, while continuously thriving, learning and transforming. As a widely respected personality, Ms. Adelina has brought the AHA Centre’s engagement beyond the region. As the Executive Director of the AHA Centre, she is always remembered as a leader and mentor who never stops to encourage her team’s progress and growth.

In 2018, while responding to multiple emergencies, the Centre, at the same time, also received an 80% increase of annual and equal contributions of ASEAN Member States to the AHA Centre Fund and received the prestigious Asian of the Year Award from the Straits Times. It was the year where the Centre finally harvested the seeds planted during the formative years as it tested all the coordination mechanisms and exercised almost all aspects of One ASEAN One Response for the first time. This has led to the Centre exercising ASEAN-UN interoperability, facilitating assistance beyond ASEAN, and moving into the recovery stage through the establishment of the ASEAN Village in Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Dedication Videos:

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