Team Verified: Round-up: countries tackling vaccine misinformation

Today’s round-up on misinformation brings news of how countries around the world are tackling vaccine misinformation as the global rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines continues.

1. The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has urged African Union members to fight COVID-19 vaccine misinformation and encourage uptake of the vaccine. The head of the health body said that vaccines plus vaccination equals lives saved and economies saved. 

2. In Papua New Guinea, the government is working with Facebook to launch a new public education campaign to help users identify and stop the spread of health and vaccine misinformation.

3. Community and faith leaders are joining the fight against vaccine misinformation in the United Kingdom, urging communities to get tested for the virus and take the vaccine when it’s offered. 

4. The United Nations has cited vaccine misinformation as one of the challenges facing the effective rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines around the world, explaining that fake news and rumours about the vaccines can lead to people becoming hesitant to take the lifesaving vaccine.

We can all help to stop the spread of harmful misinformation. Remember to Pause and take care before you share anything online.

Have a good weekend.

Team Verified.

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