Team Verified: How should I talk to people about vaccines?

The decision to take a vaccine not only impacts our own health, but the health of our community. Unless a certain percentage of the population gets vaccinated, it doesn’t provide community-wide protection. So it’s important we all have access to information that can help us make informed choices about vaccines.

Professor Heidi Larson from The Vaccine Confidence Project works with people around the world to understand the questions that people have about vaccines and help build confidence in vaccination.

In today’s video she explains how it’s natural to have questions and concern and says that the best way to encourage people to trust vaccines is to listen and answer their questions honestly. 

Often, the conversations around vaccines can become politicised and polarising. Professor Larson reminds us that it’s natural to have questions or concerns about important health issues such as vaccines. She encourages us all to be an ear and listen to those with different opinions, so that people don’t become more entrenched in their positions. 

Team Verified.

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