Team Verified: How are you… really?

How are you… really?  

For many of us, the pandemic has created higher levels of anxiety and new stressors that can be hard to cope with. Talking about our feelings with people we trust can be a good first step to dealing with these types of emotions, and can help us all feel less alone with negative feelings we are experiencing.

Sometimes starting the conversation is the hardest part. Today, on #MentalHealthAction day, you could offer support to a friend by asking them – how are you… really? Asking that simple question can help our friends and family open up about how they are feeling.

And if you want to talk to someone you trust about your feelings, here are a few ways you could start the conversation.

You can find more information and resources on how to look after your mental well-being on the WHO website here. And if you have children or young people in your life, they might want to check out these helpful resources from UNICEF.

We all need someone to talk to sometimes. 

Team Verified

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