Shared Verified: What’s it like treating COVID-19?

All over the world, doctors, nurses and specialists have been working around the clock to fight COVID-19 and save lives. 

In this video, Dr Jibola Ojikutu talks about what it was like treating COVID-19 in Lagos, Nigeria. He explains how the experience has changed since the start of the pandemic as health workers developed a deeper understanding of the virus, and patients overcame their fear to get tested and treated. 

Dr Ojikutu was part of the first team in his hospital to volunteer to treat COVID-19. He says it was a scary experience at the start. He and his colleagues even invested in their own PPE to help protect themselves while supplies were low.

Health workers like Dr Ojikutu are continuing to combat the virus and save lives. This week we have heard headlines about a new strain of COVID-19. Viruses mutate over time – that’s natural and to be expected. But the more the virus spreads, the more opportunity it has to change. So it’s important that we all continue to do what we can to help stop the spread – wash hands regularly, physically distance from anyone outside our household, and wear a mask.

Thank you to health workers around the world who continue to risk their lives to keep us safe.

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