Shared Verified: Anti-vaccination posts on the rise

Misinformation remains a major threat to global efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic.  Here’s the latest on how it’s being tackled around the world. From social media platforms to ordinary people, we can all play our part in breaking the chain and stopping the spread of harmful misinformation.

1. The Africa Infodemic Response Alliance, was launched to fight COVID-19 misinformation on the continent, bringing together UN agencies, fact checkers and regional health bodies. 

2. In a new comic adventure, India’s first female superhero, Priya, joins up with a popular Pakistani character to counter misinformation and fight the infodemic.

3. Research from First Draft shows there was an increase in anti-vaccine misinformation over the last few months, coinciding with announcements around the new COVID-19 vaccines.

4. Facebook will remove COVID-19 vaccine misinformation from its platform but warns that enforcing the policies won’t happen straight away.

Before you share online – Pause. #TakeCareBeforeYouShare

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