State of 911 Webinars, July 7, 14, Sept 8 & Nov 10

PSAPs and Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) focus on helping those in need and saving lives. In order to do this effectively, 911 relies on data and information sharing, both locally and nationally. A standard 911 data system doesn’t exist so the opportunity to share actionable data across the nation is limited.


Stakeholders in the 911 community are coming together to begin identifying important data points and a common way to reference them. This will help improve operations, support data needs to secure funding and continue to standardize progress toward NG911.


The 911 DataPath initiative is underway and needs input on the types of administrative data for decision making that would be useful when shared with other 911 systems.


State of 911 Webinar, July 7


State of 911 Webinar, July 14


State of 911 Webinar, Sept 8


State of 911 Webinar, Nov 10

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