Serial Murder Investigation & the Aftermath Webinar, March 19

When: Thursday, March 19 at 12:00 p.m. ET


Topic: Serial Murder Investigation & the Aftermath

Speaker: Mike Ciesynski

Mr. Ciesynski will discuss serial murder investigations and the effect they have on everyone involved, including the victim’s families, the media, and different agencies.

Mr. Ciesynski was a Seattle P. D. homicide detective for 23 years and spent his last thirteen years assigned to the cold case unit. The first cold case he worked was as a regular homicide detective in 1997. That case became the first serial murder case charged in Seattle and the subject of a soon to be released book Mr. Ciesynski wrote. He believed that would be the last cold case he ever worked, but that wasn’t in the cards. By the time Mr. Ciesynski retired, he had interviewed ten serial murderers and numerous serial rapists, arsonists and mass murderers. His travels took him to places not found on the typical travel brochure such as San Quentin’s death row, Sandstone Minnesota’s Federal Correctional Institution, Rikers Island, and Washington State’s bad boy prison, Clallam Bay.

If time permits, Mr. Ciesynski will discuss how he pretended to be conducting a chewing gum survey to obtain a DNA sample from a murder suspect in a 30-year old cold case (later found guilty).

Mr. Ciesynski is currently semi-retired. He continues to consult on suicide investigations, write his second book, and hang out with his granddaughter.

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