FEMA appoints 15 members to National Advisory Council

This week, FEMA Acting Administrator Pete Gaynor appointed 15 members to FEMA’s National Advisory Council (NAC). The NAC is an advisory committee established by federal law to ensure effective and ongoing coordination of federal emergency management activities. The NAC provides advice to the FEMA administrator through recommendations on all aspects of emergency management. The NAC consists of up to 35 members, including a diverse cross-section of officials, emergency managers, and emergency responders from state, local, tribal and territorial governments and non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. FEMA received more than 90 applications to fill the open positions. The qualifications of each candidate were carefully considered during an intensive review process that included a recommendation panel of senior FEMA leadership. Three IAEM members were among those appointed: Donna Boston, emergency management director of Orange County, California; Lori Hodges, emergency management director of Fort Collins, Colorado; and Nim Kidd, chief, Texas Division of Emergency Management, and vice chancellor, Texas A&M University System.

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