DSS-WISE Lite Webinar, Aug 30

The University of Mississippi’s National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering (NCCHE) is presenting a DSS-WISE Lite webinar on Aug. 30, 2018, 12:00-4:00 p.m. DSS-WISELite is a web-based, two-dimensional dam- and levee-break system with flood modeling and mapping capability. The system, which was funded by FEMA, is available 24/7 and free of charge to registered users. The webinar will provide: an overview of the system components for DSS-WISE Web and GUI; demonstrate how to set up and run “reservoir-type” and “hydrograph-type” simulations; demonstrate how to view and use the results files provided; explain behind the scenes of automated data preparation and its limitations; discuss typical user mistakes and how to avoid them; and present tips and techniques for dealing with challenging cases. Join the webinar online, or access via smartphone at 571-317-3122 using access code 698-318-021.


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