IAEM: President Trump’s Budget for FY 2018

President Trump, earlier today, released his budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2018, a budget that calls for an additional $22 billion for the Department of Defense and cuts totaling $54 billion for non-defense discretionary spending.

Of particular interest to state and local emergency managers, the President’s budget would significantly cut all the preparedness grant programs including EMPG and the State Homeland Security Grant program.  The Administration is also proposing a 25 percent non-Federal cost match for grant programs that currently do not require one. His budget also proposes to eliminate NDCP, Continuing Training grants, CVE/CCTA, and Emergency Food and Shelter.  In addition, RiskMAP is slated for elimination and FEMA is directed to identify a way to shift the cost to NFIP policyholders.

While there is much in the President’s budget for emergency managers to be concerned about, Congress will now have their say.  Senators and Members of Congress from both sides of the political divide have indicated the President’s budget is “dead on arrival.” Even so, there will be lots of competing demands for limited federal resources.

If you haven’t already (and even if you have), please take a moment to contact your Senators and Member of Congress to stress the importance of preparedness grants to the work you do on a daily basis to help prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against natural and man-made disasters in your community.


  • FEMA Federal Assistance (total)  – $2,064,130,000    (FY 2017 – $2,709,531,000)
  • Emergency Management Program Grants – $279,335,000   (FY 2017 – $350,000,000)
  • State Homeland Security Grants – $ 349,362,000   (FY 2017 – $467,000,000)
  • Firefighter Assistance Grants – $344,344,000  (FY 2017 – $345,000,000)
  • Pre-Disaster Mitigation – $ 39,016,000  (FY 2017 – $100,000,000)
  • Disaster Relief Fund – $7,351,720,000  (FY 2017 – $7,328,000,000)
  • National Weather Service – $937,000,000  (FY 2017 – $980,000,000)


Click here to see the President’s Budget for FY 2018.

Click here to see the DHS portion of the President’s budget (FEMA section on page 524)

Click here to see the Congressional Budget Justifications.

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