FEMA Private Sector Update

Private Sector Colleagues –


We are barely into spring and we’ve already experienced major storm systems sweep parts of the South the past week, and even more severe weather is being predicted later this week.


Helping protect against more lives lost being lost or communities being devastated from a disaster remains the top priority for our ongoing coordination with you. So I’d like to thank everyone who participated in last week’s NBEOC call as we prepare for the upcoming Gotham Shield exercise later this month.


This exercise is our opportunity to ensure the way we communicate with you during real response times is the best it can be – and that your needs for information are being met. Attached to this email are some frequently asked questions about Gotham Shield, so please let us know if you have additional questions?


As a reminder, there are several opportunities to help us continue improving private-public coordination for all-hazards.  One way to stay in touch is to follow us on Twitter at @FEMA and stay aware of severe weather through the National Weather Service @NWS.


In addition to readiness for severe spring weather, we are focused on a large exercise occurring April 24-27 – Gotham Shield.  Thanks to everyone who participated in last Thursday’s National Business Emergency Operations Center call in preparation for the exercise. If you missed last week’s call, please know you can still participate in the exercise. We are hosting another coordination call at 2 p.m. EDT on Thursday, April 20.


Please mark your calendars for other upcoming events and calls in the next few months:


Gotham Shield

  • April 11: Department of Health & Human Services is hosting a webinar, “Response to INDs: Impacts and Innovations” from 9 a.m. to noon EDT in Washington D.C. For additional information email cip@hhs.gov.  You can register for the webinar here.
  • April 20: 2 p.m. EDT, NBEOC Pre-Exercise Coordination Call #3 in preparation for Gotham Shield exercise.
  • If your organization is interested in playing, observing, or just would like more information about Gotham Shield, please email NBEOC@fema.dhs.gov
  • Gotham Shield Exercise FAQ: https://sites.google.com/site/emergencymanagersweeklyreport/home


Regional Events

  • May 2-3: FEMA Region 3 is hosting its first ever Private Sector Functional Exercise. The scenario will focus on power outage and offers four ways for the private sector to play or participate with the entire Region and their state & local partners. For more information, please contact Region 3’s Private Sector Liaison at: Pyle@fema.dhs.gov.


Hurricane Season begins June 1, watch for upcoming information on calls and events to ensure our collective readiness posture for coordination.


As always, if there is something you think we can do to improve integration of the private sector at FEMA and across the emergency management community, please let me know.






Robert C. Glenn
Director, Private Sector Division
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

U.S. Department of Homeland Security
direct: (202) 212-4453
mobile: (202) 403-4665
e-mail: robert.glenn@fema.dhs.gov


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