IAEM and NEMA release 2017 edition of ‘EMPG: Providing Returns on a Nation’s Investment’

IAEM and the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) on Mar. 27 released their sixth annual edition of “Emergency Management Performance Grants (EMPG): Providing Return on a Nation’s Investment.” The joint report details the return on investment realized by the EMPG program, which is the only source of federal funding provided directly to state and local governments for all the functions that help to build a robust emergency management system. EMPG continues to be a critical driver of progress and success made across the country in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from all hazards. The program’s success is shared by all levels of government and relies heavily on the commitment of Congress. In 2016, the federal investment in EMPG was $350 million, a little more than $1 per citizen, and the return on investment is felt in communities from Hawaii to Maine. Every investment the federal government makes is matched dollar for dollar and, in most cases, states, local governments, and tribes match even more. This illustrates, however, that any cuts to EMPG funding could have far-reaching and long-term impacts on U.S. readiness.


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