Survey to identify the characteristics of effective emergency managers needs your participation

Dr. Reuven Bar-On, a world-renowned organizational psychologist, and doctoral student James H. Murphy, CEM, request your participation in an important survey designed to identify characteristics of effective emergency managers. The information provided through the survey will be maintained strictly confidential. Our findings will contribute to facilitating the selection and training of current and future students of emergency management. Participation involves investment of approximately one hour of your time to answer 189 questions in the form of brief sentences, with each sentence having five response options describing the extent to which it describes you. If you agree to complete the survey, you will receive a confidential and free summary of your results, describing your overall performance level and which factors are having a more positive or more negative impact on the way you are currently performing. You also will receive multiple suggestions to enhance your respective level of performance. The comprehensive evaluation is a gift (valued at more than $100) to you for completing the survey. Additionally, the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) will receive a group summary of the key characteristics of effective emergency managers. Please complete the survey today.


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