Message from the Editor of the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report

Welcome to 2017 Everyone!  This year I have made some changes to the weekly publication.  Most of these changes are cosmetic such as the updated cover page and an expanded introduction section.  The page that includes posts on the blog has been expanded and will also include situation reports that were posted during the week.  The most important changes are that the Climate Change section which will now include articles on sustainability and resiliency.  The Global Public Health section has been renamed Public Health and Healthcare to better reflect the articles I have included in this section.

I was considering a name change to better reflect the topics and disciplines the Weekly Report covers.  I even sought input from long time followers who are also cherished friends and colleagues.  The comments were essentially unanimous.  It was pointed out to me that the emergency management profession is connected to and works with a variety of disciplines.  This is also true for our civil protection colleagues around the world.  These connections are essential and necessary to accomplish our mission.  The different disciplines we interacted with over the last 10 years have of course multiplied because our roles have expanded and the threats we face have also changed.  When I first started the Weekly Report it was for a simple reason that accurate information is needed and should be shared.  This mission has since evolved to the ideal that by sharing information whether in the form of articles, reports, resources, webinars, training courses and conferences we can not only become better at our jobs but also raise awareness to other challenges, threats and short-comings around the world.

I have always believed that we are all stronger together than apart.   The challenges and threats that await us in the 21st Century and beyond I’m sure will prove this belief true.  To succeed we most all remember that we are all humans whether we worship Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, Ahura Mazda or Brahma or are from North America, Asia, Europe or Africa.  There is a saying I came across that speaks to this point eloquently:  “O humankind, we created you from a male and a female, and we made you races and tribes for you to get to know each other.”   Let’s get to know one another better in 2017 so we can work together to protect our communities and the rest of humanity!

Steve Detwiler

Editor of the EM Weekly Report


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