Public Information/Social Media for Democratic and Republican National Conventions

Republican National Convention (RNC), July 18-21

The City of Cleveland, OH managed this National Security Special Event and utilized the city blog and social media accounts effectively.  For each day of the convention they posted on their blog with updates on the city’s preparation and response to the RNC.


Their blog post had a set template of information that they shared for before the RNC and during the event.  Before the event the posts dealt with road closures and restrictions (weapons, objects, etc).  During the RNC their posts focused almost exclusively on public safety and security issues, below is an example:

  • There have been a total of 5 arrests as it relates to the Republican National Convention since Sunday, July 17.
  • A warning alarm on an RTA bus sounded. The bus was stopped and evacuated. A hazmat crew declared it to be a false alarm.
  • A fire alarm was pulled at the Hilton. The building was evacuated and the incident is being investigated.
  • The Bicycle Unit was deployed to large scale demonstrations to keep two opposing sides separated. Both protests dispersed and no civilians or officers were harmed.


The city also used their Facebook and Twitter pages effectively sharing their blog posts and also pictures and other information and resources from the RNC.


Democratic National Convention (DNC), July 25-28

The City of Philadelphia, PA managed this National Security Special Event and utilized the city blog and social media accounts effectively.  The city is in the process of rolling out a new website and they used this new site to include updates on the DNC.


The Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management (OEM) published on this site a daily brief on the DNC, calling “ReadyDNC Daily Digest”.  This daily digest used a template for each post, it included:

  • Weather
  • Public Safety
  • Traffic
  • Events


In the Weather section it included the weather forecast for the day and evening and severe weather watches and warnings.  The Public Safety section included mostly precautionary messages, such as:

  • Please bring plenty of liquids if you are outdoors.
  • Be a good neighbor: check on yours, especially the more vulnerable population.
  • If you are at FDR Park and need medical attention, there are 2 EMS tents located on the North and South end of the park.
  • Call 9-1-1 with emergencies. Call 3-1-1 with non-emergencies.


The Traffic section included information on road closures and alternate routes.  The Events section included additional information, examples included:

  • Philly Feast food truck festival at 3rd and Arch from 11-3pm will impact traffic in Old City.
  • 15th, 16th & 17th at JFK will be closed at 5PM for the DNC Host Committee Party.


OEM also effectively used their Facebook and Twitter pages to post the ReadyDNC Daily Briefs as well as other information and resources.


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