We cover more then just Emergency Management!

The Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report shares news and resources from a variety of disciplines and topic areas.  One needs to only look at the table of contents in the weekly publication to see the topics we normally cover.


The topics we post are not always popular but we share them in the hopes of highlighting a problem or showcasing a lessons-learned.  We have always felt that sharing information across numerous disciplines is a benefit.  Lessons learned in Europe dealing with a refugee surge may someday influence policy here in the United States.  A disease emerging in Africa may have profound impacts on the rest of the world and numerous disciplines (i.e. Ebola Outbreak).


Emergency Management is in our name because we started as strictly an U.S. emergency management publication.  But as the world as grown more complex and interconnected the decision was made to expand our coverage.  Lots of our readers appreciate this global perspective, for those of you who don’t we still include emergency management related topics.  However, I would remind you that disasters obey no borders and what happens in one country can at times be a concern for the rest of humanity.  Also the hazards we face today may not be the hazards we face in 10-years, so we will continue to push the boundaries in hopes of expanding people’s minds and keeping all of our disciplines well informed!



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