FEMA Releases National Planning System

FEMA released the National Planning System with the intent of building capability and integrating national planning efforts across the whole community, including all levels of government, the private sector and with non-governmental organizations.  The National Planning System provides a unified approach and common terminology to plan for all threats and hazards across the five national preparedness system mission areas (prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery).

The National Planning System is applicable to the whole community – those supporting, overseeing, and governing planning efforts, as well as those learning the concepts and skills inherent in the planning discipline. The benefit of this unified approach is a more informed, shared understanding of risks, needs, and capabilities across the whole community; and, in the end, a more secure and resilient nation.

There are three types of plans discussed in the National Planning System that allows for the whole community to participate in the planning process to some degree. Strategic-level plans are very broad and all-hazards focused, such as the National Planning Frameworks and State Homeland Security Strategies. Operational plans are also all-hazards focused, but they are also risk-based and organized by capability. Examples of operational plans include emergency operations plans, federal interagency operational plans, functional or hazard-specific annexes, as well as individual or family plans. Tactical plans are incident based or objective based and designed to have a limited period of operation. Plans for specific events (e.g. parades, major sporting events) and Incident Action Plans are examples of tactical plans.

The National Planning System enables a consistent approach to planning across multiple organizations, facilitating better collaboration, situational awareness, and unity of effort while remaining adaptable to changing conditions.

The document became available today.  For a copy of the document go to: http://www.fema.gov/national-planning-system

If you have questions you may send them  to FEMA at: PPD8-NationalPreparedness@fema.dhs.gov



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