2016 Earthquake Insight Field Trip to New Madrid Region

The 2016 Earthquake Insight Field Trip through the New Madrid region will be held on Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, April 1-3, 2016.  The route includes geological evidence of the geologic and earthquake history of the region, as well as sites important to the human stories of the 1811-12 New Madrid earthquakes.  The field-trip route is about 400 miles long, and will include two overnight stops.


The route will begin in the St. Louis area and include Kaskaskia, Ill.; Ste. Genevieve and New Madrid, Mo.; Reelfoot Lake, Tenn.; as well as other sites in southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, and western Tennessee and Kentucky.  Those who are interested in the 2016 Earthquake Insight Field Trip should contact Phyllis Steckel at psteckel@charter.net and ask for the FAQs.


In the past, the annual Earthquake Insight Field Trips were subsidized by the US Geological Survey.  The purpose was to inform and educate those in the emergency response, insurance, financial, utility, transportation, and government sectors about earthquake hazards and earthquake risks in the central US.  That funding is no longer available.  However, due to the value of the field trip, volunteers will lead the event in 2016.


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