IAEM & NEMA Joint Task Force Release Documents on Inclusive EM Planning

Early in 2014, the International Association of Emergency Managers – USA Council (IAEM-USA) – and the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) established a Joint Task Force for Inclusive Emergency Management Planning for the following purpose: To engage any and all necessary parties as operational solutions are identified and shared with members thus assisting these local offices in meeting their legal and professional service charge.  It was the desire of both organizations to provide real world solutions and support to their members so that funds and personnel could be better targeted to the actual work at hand. The taskforce was charged to develop a toolkit for local and state emergency managers, to best provide services with disabilities and functional needs.

The work of the taskforce has resulted in two documents: the Disability Access and Functional Needs Emergency Planning Guidance and the Quick Reference Glossary Terminology List. These documents are dynamic and will be maintained through the continued work of both organizations. We hope you will find the materials helpful in either the enhancement of current efforts, or in the successful development of new tools as you meet the needs of your entire community.

We thank the hard working members of the taskforce for their time and expertise over the last 18 months.



John “Rusty” Russell

President, U.S. Council of the International Association of Emergency Managers

Director, Huntsville-Madison County Emergency Management, Huntsville, Alabama


Bryan Koon

President, National Emergency Management Association

Director, Florida Division of Emergency Management


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