Northern Arizona University’s New Emergency Management Degree Program

This program was launched in January 2015.  It is a cost effective program is designed to meet various needs:

  • Those who do not possess an undergraduate degree and desire an EMGT undergraduate degree – our most popular (and most cost effective) degree is the 90-30 degree where students obtain 90 credits either at community colleges and/or other regionally accredited institutions and then complete the 10 EMGT degree courses with NAU, again completely online.
  • For those who are interested in the 90-30 degree plan but do not have the 15 community/university level credits in EMGT, EMT, ESA or similar we have the additional check sheet options (attached) that anyone can meet (see the FEMA note).  No documentation is required and one only needs to tell his/her NAU outreach coordinator, transition coordinator and/or advisor which category he/she meets.  (Should any one experience problems in this area please contact me and I will take care of it!)
  • Those who possess an undergraduate and perhaps even a graduate degree yet not in EMGT and desire EMGT educational credits/certification – this can be obtained by completing the EMGT certificate (six EMGT courses) or obtaining a second major (the student usually only has to complete the 10 EMGT degree courses with NAU and can apply credits from the initial regionally accredited degree to the 90 credits)
  • The EMGT certificate, which can be completed as a stand-alone certificate or as part of a degree plan, and the second major adds value and can enhance career prospects and employment avenues.
  • Students currently enrolled at NAU in another major yet desire an EMGT minor, certificate or second major in EMGT that adds value to the primary major.
  • The minor, certificate and second major options are especially relevant for those students who are pursuing another major, such as biology, business, criminal justice, public health, nursing, parks and recreation, etc. where Emergency Management can provide an added value to the student’s career prospects, and broaden the student’s potential employment avenues.  For example, we currently have a biology major enrolled in our Homeland Security course who desires to become a Veterinarian.  As a result of her enrollment in our Homeland Security course she is now very interested in and aware of Emergency Management and Homeland Security issues, in particular, she learned about the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, something she would not have been aware of without this course.  This knowledge adds value to her education and career prospects!

Anyone with questions concerning our EMGT program, degree, certificate and/or minor can contact me directly at  and I am more than happy to work with them to ensure they obtain the EMGT education they desire.

Northern Arizona University shared the criteria and program overview with us.  It is available on the EM Weekly Report’s website.


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