Future of the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report

2015 Survey

We received 500 responses to the survey.  Thank you to everyone who shared their comments.  We will provide a detailed breakdown of the survey results in the coming weeks!

Weekly Publication Format

Based on the survey and from changes in the emergency management community particularly on the international front we are instituting some changes to the weekly publication.  This includes additions of new sections and revising existing sections.  This includes the following:

  • Homeland Security, Defense and National Security:  This section title has been changed to Homeland and National Security.  It will still contain information on U.S. Military activities.
  • Campus Safety and Security:  This section has been renamed Campus Emergency Management.  It will still provide information on campus safety and security matters.
  • Syrian Civil War and Iraqi Unrest:  This section is being repurposed to contain information on regional threats all over the world.  Currently this will include news on the Islamic State and Boko Haram.  But as new threats emerge this section will change to provide relevant news.
  • Humanitarian Affairs and Global Security:  This section in the past has included information on civil protection, human rights, international humanitarian responses and issues affecting global security.  We are renaming this section to Global Security and Affairs.  This section will contain news affecting global security not otherwise covered in the Regional Threats section.  It will also include international affairs articles which was previously a standalone section.  We felt that international affairs and global security are often times intertwined and it’s fitting to combine these two sections.
  • Humanitarian Affairs and Development:  This is one of the new sections which will cover international humanitarian relief and recovery.  We felt that relief and development are treated as separate issues but experience has taught us that both depend on the other to succeed.
  • Civil Protection:  This is a new section which will include news on civil protection.  It will include not only emergency management but also emergency services news (firefighting, emergency medical, communications & law enforcement).
  • Technological and Natural Hazards:  This section is being renamed Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction.  It will still contain a majority of the news articles it previous did but will also include news on disaster risk reduction activities and programs.
  • Climate Change and Alternate Energy Sources:  Based on the threat posed by climate change this section will now deal specifically with the politics of climate change and the risk reduction efforts.  It will be renamed Climate Change/Global Warming Threats.
  • Global Public Health: This is the final new section being added.  It will deal with news on public health, healthcare and disease outbreaks.

The Special Weekly Report recently has transitioned into the Ebola Special Report.  This was due to the threat that Ebola still poses not only to West Africa but around the world.  We will continue publishing this report on a biweekly basis.

Situation Reporting

The Emergency Manager’s Weekly frequently publishes situation reports dealing with specific incidents.  We just published a report on the Metro DC Power Outage on April 7th.  Ever week we also publish an Ebola Outbreak Situation Report.  All of these reports rely exclusively on open source official sources (government agencies, non-profit organizations and private sector partners) who are engaged in the response.  The sources used are specifically cited in the report.  These reports are meant to be a high-level summary of an incident to provide emergency managers and policy makers a basic understanding of an incident and its implications.

Social Media Pages

Several comments in the survey indicated that not everyone knew that the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report uses social media.  For the record the EM Weekly Report’s social media pages share news and resources daily.  The pages include:

The social media pages are also where we frequently post information on upcoming conferences, training courses and free webinars.  This information is typically not included in the weekly publication because of the time-sensitive nature of these training courses and webinars.

The posts on these pages will also be changing slightly to include a balance between the many different issues and disciplines that we serve.

We also maintain two other pages which are updated infrequently (which will be changing), these are:

When we post on these pages we announce it via the other social media pages mentioned above.

EM Weekly Report Website

This website was created because it’s simple to use and free.  Based on comments we received we will be updating it and revising certain sections as warranted.

Future Direction

The Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report is always changing and adapting to meet the needs of the professionals we serve.  In the coming months we will be creating and start implementing a strategic plan.  This plan when complete will be posted on the website.  It will be based on the editor and deputy editor’s thoughts and ambitions but also from the thoughts you shared with us in the survey.

We will also be looking at forming partnerships with the private sector, non-profit organizations, associations and colleges/universities.  Eventually we may choose to apply for non-profit designation to allow us to formalize partnership and accept donations.  However, the weekly report will continue to provide information to anyone free of charge.

Information sharing and Comments

We encourage you that if you come across an article, report or resources that you think should be shared via the EM Weekly Report please send it to us at: steveorange2011@gmail.com

Also if you have any questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to email us.

Thank you for your support,

EM Weekly Report Staff


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